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Data Strategy

Find your hidden intelli-gems.

Focus on data connectivity, not just growth, and intelligence with flourish.

Automation multiplies effectiveness (and happiness).

Data shouldn't be scary. Rather, it's an opportunity. Let's innovate together and find how to mature your approach.

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Digital Analytics

Optimise Your Marketing

Understand your customers.

Improve your return-on-investment.

Evaluate and optimise your online presence in a privacy-respecting way. Whether running campaigns, monitoring landing pages or otherwise. 

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Analytics Engineering

Creating Intelligence Solutions

Build data pipelines and models to power optimisation.

Leverage BigQuery to manage data at scale.

The coming years will be defined by capabilities in AI and Data Science. These are underpinned by data architecture and connectivity. Let's build the future together.

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  • alice-jones-linkedin-pic
    "I highly recommend Tiedot's GA4 training for anyone keen on getting to grips with Google Analytics 4. The training session was well-structured, perfectly paced and highly engaging. By the end, the team was not only feeling confident about GA4 but genuinely excited to use it. Thanks to Tiedot for making GA4 less intimidating and a whole lot more fun!"
    Alice Jones
    Elevate Global
  • tiedot-hughes-insurance-testimonial
    "We’re really excited to work with Tiedot on our Digital Marketing and Data Strategy. After only 3 months, our online quotes have increased by 70% and cost per quote is down significantly. The work we’re doing together to improve data insights will give us a detailed understanding of our return on investment, significantly speed up the reporting process and allow us to make smarter decisions in future."
    Harriet McCandless
    Hughes Insurance
  • tiedot-my-baggage
    "We have worked with Tiedot on a number of data and marketing projects. They are fantastic at extracting valuable data that can be used to focus your marketing efforts on the right audiences and channels. We were keen to improve the return on our marketing efforts while growing our business, which is not an easy task. Tiedot helped us with our planning around these projects and well as taking ownership of some digital marketing channels. We feel we now have a solid foundation to scale the business profitably over the coming years."
    Paul Stewart
    My Baggage